Payment Information

Kemp Municipal Court

304 S. Main St.
PO Box 449
Kemp, TX - 75143
Phone: 903-498-3191


This page is for payments for the Kemp Municipal Court. NOT for Kaufman County JP 4

If you are unsure of your total amount owed, please contact the Court.

Juveniles (under 17 at time of violation) charged with any offense are required by law to appear with a parent or legal guardian. Do not pay here. 

If you are requesting Deferred Disposition, click  HERE to print out the request. If you meet the requirements, make your payment here then fax your signed paperwork right away to (903) 498.3209

If you want to do a 
Driver's Safety Course (fee = $109.10), you must FIRST get permission from the court. Click HERE for the form. Also you must send a copy of your drivers license and proof of insurance

If you received a Capias Warrant letter, amount must be paid in FULL



Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the name as it appears on your citation
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  Last Name *  
2. Enter your driver's license number and select state
  Driver's License Number *  
  License State: *  
3. Enter the ticket, citation, docket or case number
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4. Enter the amount of your payment
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Click here for the court's Fine List. Are you paying the correct amount? Contact Kemp Municipal Court at 903-498-3191 to confirm before paying or payment may be rejected.
To pay another ticket to the same court, click "Add"