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Lake Worth - Utilities

3805 Adam Grubb
Lake Worth, TX - 76135
Phone: 817-255-7900


Please note there is a processing fee for all payments made through this site. 

If your payment is rejected for any reason, your processing fee will not be refunded.


Any over-payments made will be applied as a credit to your next bill. TPG & LAKE WORTH POLICY

By making your payment online, you acknowledge that:

Payments received after 5pm will be posted the following business day. 

Any payments received after 8am, on the 16th of the month or the next business day) will be subject to late fees.

If you failed to pay your bill by the 28th of the month and you are on the Disconnection List OR have been disconnected:  Payment of the past due balance in full plus a $30.00 disconnection list fee must be received by 4pm for your water service to be restored the same day.  Any account paid after 4pm will not have water service restored until the following business day unless an additional $50.00 After Hours Fee is received prior to 5pm.  

To have your water service restored after 5pm DO NOT use this service.  You must come to the Lake Worth Police Department to pay by money order.  Please call 817-237-1211 x 300 for your amount due.

Water Account Deposits will not be accepted unless all necessary paperwork has been provided, in person, to the Utility Billing Department.

DISCOVER, VISA & MASTER CARD only for payments.


Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the name as it appears on your utility bill
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2. Enter the account number
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